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Support CAMBOFEST: Film and Video Festival of Cambodia, est. 2007 (March 1-9, 2011, 4th Edition)


Thanks to the Youth Association for Human Resource Development (YAHRD) in Kampot, Cambodia, for their assistance at the CAMBOFEST 4.0 event

Thanks to Technicolor, Thailand for offering a customized tour of their facilities to the Cambodian winner of the CamboFest Cambodia Film Festival local showcase - a very much appreciated 'contributing sponsorship'

Thanks to the International Flaherty Seminars for sponsoring a multi-session screening license for the world's first documentary, 'NANOOK OF THE NORTH', to enjoy its historical Cambodia premiere at the next edition of CamboFest...eighty-eight years after its release!

Thanks to Variety critic, Richard Kuipers, who has generously offered his own projector to be used at the event.

Thanks to the Open Society Institute for a sponsored license to screen a selection of their Central Asian Cinemas collection.

CamboFest also thanks Phnom Penh-based photographer, Simon Toffanello of Monsoon Pictures for photographic services.

Thanks very much to the Following Individual Supporters!

James Mizerski*, USA
Our TOP Contributor
*James also contributed in 2009 towards custom movie screen construction for the vintage 'Royal' movie house in Kampot

** Rolando Dubioso **
 Longtime friend of Camerado media projects in 
Stuttgart, Germany - a true angel

And let us also acknowledge Grabay Meas ('Golden Buffalo') trophy sponsor:

Michael Buckley, Canada

2009 Graby Meas (Golden Waterbuffalo) winner, Hiroshi Toda ('Sky in December') with his award  in Kyoto, Japan - trophies made possible through sponsorship by Michael Buckley

Thanks to the additional individual supporters:

Alan Swain  
Top motion picture location manager in New Mexico

Jon Lewis
LA based actor and supporter of Camerado SE Asia

Corneliu Gheorghita
Formerly a stranger from a friend of CamboFest!

Mary Zetwick Seidel

Jim Zetwick & Family
...going way back to 
the high school connection in the State

Where your contribution goes

CamboFest strives for maximum sustainability by utilizing every Riel of revenue inputs and contributions in an exceptionally cost effective way. 

$300 pays for office space and utilities for a month...$100 pays a part time staffer for a month...$50 covers the  cost of venue rental or van rental for hauling gear (per day)...$25 pays for staff lunches for a day...

We're grass roots, volunteer-driven, and striving for 100% sustainability within the next 5 years.

"CamboFest brings the magic of movies to the land of Angkor" 

- Julie and Roger Corman

"This sounds like an exciting and worthwhile project!" - Asia Foundation, Cambodia 


CAMBOFEST: Film and Video Festival of Cambodia ( enters its 4th edition on March 1-9, 2011

CamboFest is Cambodia's first international movie event since the end of the Khmer Rouge era.

Launched in 2550 (2007) and now entering its 4th year, CamboFest, Cambodia set out  to launch a functional entertainment and edutainment-oriented film festival platform in a country which continues to be lacking in cinema infrastructure after years of civil war and genocide.

With the help of our previous supporters, we've accomplished our initial goal

Over 200 international and local filmmakers have exhibited their work at CamboFest, inspiring new local festival efforts in Cambodia to join us in our mission.

In our previous 2552/2009 (3rd year) edition, CamboFest staffers discovered and brought back to life the long-forgotten pre-Khmer rouge 'Royal' cinema house in Kampot, Cambodia, one of 4 original cinema houses in that town, with only 3 original cinema structures left standing.

Where local maps had once been blank, they now list 'Old Cinema' (the 'Royal') once again as a cultural and tourist attraction...

Kampot, Cambodia 2009: Guests enjoy watching movies in the vintage 'Royal' cinema house for the first time since it closed down in 1989, thanks to efforts of the grass-roots, volunteer-driven CamboFest.

We accomplished this with very limited funding and no foundation-level resources, just our own grass roots, 'can do' attitude - and the vital contributions of supporters like you. 


* Is the first international film festival in Cambodia since the Khmer Rouge era. Now in our 4th year, we've inspired a number of new festival efforts to join our mission.

* Is a rare example of strong IP (Intellectual Property) activism in the movie sector in Cambodia, by seeking and securing written permissions for every single movie.

* Seeks to restore to basic functional condition vintage cinemas and other venues that can serve as cinemas, in a country which is lacking motion picture infrastructure

* Is grass-roots, volunteer driven, and private sector (though with tax-deductible fiscal sponsorship through the US-based Media Alliance)

* Is an absolutely unique festival event taking place under very challenging conditions in the developing world

All contributions are duly noted on the CamboFest website and other media (i.e., Youtube/Vimeo clips), which remain visible with ongoing exposure on an indefinite basis.

Significant contributors and commercial sponsors (above  $1500 financial or $2500 in-kind) receive additional exposure at venues, online, in our media and other materials.

All the Best,

Phun Sokunthearith * Jason Rosette * Suong Sambath *Teng Phun ...and the rest of the CamboFest, Cambodia Team